Community Outreach

We plan to continue to approach the communities in our region to seek ways to work together to address the workforce housing need.  This will be done through sharing information and resources and direct contact with planning boards and community leaders to work cooperatively on future projects and activities.  There are resources available through state and regional agencies we can bring to our area to assist our communities as we address zoning barriers, provide for smarter growth to protect our rural character and other related issues our towns share.

Statewide Cooperation

We continue to be active participants in state wide groups such as the NH Workforce Housing Council and Regional WFH Coordinators.  It is important to network with people involved in groups affected by the lack of affordable workforce housing – i.e. the Business and Industry Association and NH Homebuilders Association, as well as individuals with the many government, non-profit, and foundation groups that help finance community development.  We must keep up to date with what is happening statewide and nationally, to maintain an awareness of resources, and to share what is happening in our region.

What You Can Do To Help:

We need our community’s involvement and support.  You can make a difference. Please contact us if you are interested in joining a committee, being an on-call volunteer, or offering your financial support.  You can help with community education, advocate for affordable workforce housing with local and elected officials, or support responsible housing and zoning proposals.

Memorial Enabling Fund:

The Nancy Clement Beck Memorial Fund is a permanent asset established to enable the coalition to secure the purchase of properties or to bridge expenses in expectation of permanent funding for affordable housing.  It is crucial for a housing group to have sufficient assets to act when opportunities arise.  There is a significant lag time in obtaining development funding.  To learn more about this fund, or to contribute, please contact us.