The Housing Coalition is taking a comprehensive approach to this issue.  The communities in our region share one economy, road system, school district, health system, and common recreational programs.  Because we are so closely interconnected, we must work together to find effective solutions to the workforce housing shortage.

Our Approach Includes:

  • Providing community education regarding the need for housing and how this shortage impacts our towns.
  • Working with town officials and planning boards to create town ordinances that promote workforce housing.
  • Identifying and accessing private, local, state and federal resources to keep new and rehabilitation construction affordable.

Our Goal:

Our goal is to create a diversity of housing in our region to ensure that all of our friends, neighbors and family members can find affordable housing in their own communities.  A diversity of housing means the creation of a mix of housing types including market-rate, affordable, and mixed income housing.  It includes both ownership and rental opportunities in single and multi-family options. Options for more modest-sized and lower-priced homes are critical to the life and economy of our region.